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Cimprogetti sente sempre pił la necessitą di spiegare in modo chiaro e comprensibile l'etica delle proprie azioni.
Attraverso la nostra attivitą di marketing, miriamo a garantire che i nostri clienti - nostre risorse principali - riconoscano il vantaggio delle nostre tecnologie, senza trascurare di indirizzare i nostri sforzi verso dipendenti, fornitori, azionisti, membri, imprenditori, concorrenti e aziende pubbliche , in una parola ... il nostro mondo.


Studi, descrizioni di processi, ecc ... pubblicati su riviste specializzate e presentati in conferenze ...

Analyse to excel (code K_2016_EN_037) - The complex nature of lime calcination and the various factors that impact on the quality of the final product gives rise to a vast quantity of data. Raw material quality is at the start of this process and the detailed analysis of such materials plays a key role not only in the final product quality but also in terms of kiln performance. [Download NavRight ]

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In oltre cinquanta anni di attivitą, Cimprogetti ha fornito e commissionato pił di 400 stabilimenti in tutto il mondo ...

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Pubblicazioni tecniche recenti

TurNOx – an unique system for NOx abatement in regenerative lime kilns (Code K_2017_EN_DE_038) - Based on extensive knowledge of different lime kilns fired with various fuels, Cimprotetti envisioned the need and possibility for an integrated system of NOx emission control in lime production plants with flexibilities of modulating process parameters without affecting the calcination process in the kiln.[Download NavRight ]

Evaluating and predicting process behavior in a double shaft regenerative kiln (Code K_2016_EN_034) - Cimprogetti is the only Italian company, that constructed and put successfully in operation all of the major types of lime kilns. We have the knowledge to recognize the relevant advantages and disadvantages of each type of these kilns combined with proprieties of selected raw material. Recently, Cimprogetti’s technological laboratory started to record scientific data on all the stones sent from our client in combination with site trial experience thus various internal method have been performed too. [Download NavRight ]

A practical limestone charging system for avoiding segregation in large shaft kilns (Code K_2016_EN_DE_036) - Lime sales in recent years have been increasingly dominated by stricter demands on product quality and costs with respect to specific energy consumption and the use of crushed limestone with a wide size spectrum. Parallel Flow Regenerative kilns are now used very widely throughout the world for producing lime. Cimprogetti is currently developing an internal system to support client selection based on a proven data base that matches limestone quality and fuel with actual results obtained in operating kilns. Based on the above criteria the Italian company is able to design the correct kiln dimensions in accordance with the final quality requested by the client. [Download NavRight ]

Lime Kiln DEM Analysis with ROCKY (Code K_2016_EN_035) - To remain a world leader in the lime industry, Cimprogetti uses the latest and most advanced technologies: ROCKY Dem has proved to be the best solution for simulating the transportation and handling of granular material with different shaped particles. [Download NavRight ]

Developing a modular lime plant (code H_2017_EN_005) - In recent decades, there has been a growing need to reduce costs in many sectors. This has led industrial groups to optimise the construction time of new plants, so as to more quickly respond to market demand. [Download NavRight ]

Ready, Steady, Growth (Code SUP_2018_EN_002) - Thanks to existing technologies and data scientists, Cimprogetti developed a new platform, called BOT, which is a computer programme that works automatically fi nding, information on the internet, delivering new asset value to clients, and maintaining the importance of data security against unauthorised access. [Download NavRight ]